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A dynamic and desirable area known for its family-friendly neighborhoods, modern amenities.
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Welcome to Southeast Bozeman

Southeast Bozeman is a dynamic and desirable area known for its family-friendly neighborhoods, modern amenities, and proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities. This part of Bozeman includes several well-known neighborhoods such as Triple Tree Ranch, Westfield, Sundance Springs, and Alder Creek, each offering its unique charm and community feel.
Triple Tree Ranch is notable for its luxurious homes and expansive lots, providing residents with privacy and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. This neighborhood is designed with a focus on preserving the natural landscape, incorporating walking trails that allow residents to enjoy the area's scenic beauty.
Westfield is a newer development known for its affordability and appeal to young families and professionals. The homes here are modern with a mix of single-family houses and townhomes, complemented by parks and open spaces that foster a strong community atmosphere.
Sundance Springs offers a blend of residential comfort with a touch of rural atmosphere, featuring single-family homes that are spaciously set apart. The neighborhood is surrounded by natural beauty, providing a quiet and peaceful living environment.
Alder Creek is another family-oriented neighborhood with easy access to local schools, making it particularly appealing to those with children. The community is well-planned, with bike paths and parks that encourage outdoor activities and neighborhood gatherings.
Southeast Bozeman is characterized by its excellent access to both downtown Bozeman and the great outdoors, including nearby Sourdough Trail and Hyalite Canyon. The area is also home to several good schools, shopping centers, and dining options, which adds to its convenience and makes it a sought-after location for those looking to enjoy a balance of urban and outdoor lifestyles.

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